• .75" Nominal Thickness

  • Rigid, Continuous-Density Design

  • Filters debris as small as 30 microns

  • No additives or adhesives

  • Manufactured in the USA


Puro-Kleen® Perma-Guard is a 0.75" thick rigid biological aquatic filter media, making it an excellent choice as a pre-filter wrap or skimmer filter.  The large fiber composition will trap debris down to 30 microns, while allowing positive microbiologicals to pass through.  Puro-Kleen® Perma-Guard also works very well as a pre-filter layer in conjunction with Puro-Kleen® Ultra-Guard or Puro-Kleen® Kleen-Guard filter medias. Like all Puro-Kleen medias, Perma-Guard contains no added chemicals or ant-microbial agents which can harm aquatic life.

Puro-Kleen® Media

Installation Instructions